Ultra fine glitters for art and crafting

These beautiful glitters are perfect for paper crafting - ultra fine and ultra sparkly too! Supplied in handy screw top plastic vials for ease of use and re-use.

A little of these ultra-fine glitters will go a long way. A top tip for handling the glitters is to diagonally cut across the end of a drinking straw, and use the straw to pick up and transfer the glitter to your design.

Perfect for adding highlights or picking out fine detail in craft projects when you apply them with a glue pen, such as Tonertex, Sakura or Zig. Apply the glue, wait for it to dry tacky, then pour over the glitter and rub on gently with your fingers. Give the project a couple of sharp taps over paper to remove all of the excess glitter, which can be poured back into the storage vial.

Have a look at Foil Play's Pinterest board for lots of glittery samples and inspiration!

The glitters are available individually, with discounts available if you purchase larger quantities, or in colour themed sets which also offer savings compared to purchasing individually.

Top Sellers
Pastel blue ultra fine art glitter

Pastel blue ultra fine art glitter£0.99

Blue holographic ultra fine art glitter

Blue holographic ultra fine art glitter£0.99

Blue ultra fine art glitter

Blue ultra fine art glitter£0.99

Bronze ultra fine art glitter

Bronze ultra fine art glitter£0.99

Champagne ultra fine art glitter

Champagne ultra fine art glitter£0.99

Cinnamon ultra fine art glitter

Cinnamon ultra fine art glitter£0.99

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