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Ideas for using peel off stickers

Foil Play offers a wide range of peel off stickers, which are a very versatile crafting accessory. Here are just a few ideas for using them:

  • Apply to your project, then colour in the sticker using your choice from a variety of materials - watercolour or gel pens, paints, chalks etc
  • Apply the sticker to adhesive film (or use a glue pen), then colour in using coloured sand, glitter or rub on foil
  • Apply the sticker to a variety of decorative backgrounds, then cut around it before applying to your project, either flat or using foam pads etc to achieve a 3D effect. Either will emphasise the design very effectively. For background, you could use plain, decorative or holographic paper or card. Gold on a gold background or silver on silver looks great too
  • Apply the sticker to acetate, then glitter or gild the reverse
  • Colour the peel offs (while still on the backing sheet) using overhead projector pens
  • Use the stickers as an outline for glass painting projects
  • "De-stick" the sticker a little, e.g. by placing on your clothing a few times. Place on your project, chalk over, then remove the peel off to leave a 'negative' design
  • For some designs, you can also use the 'negative' left on the backing sheet, after using a peel off sticker. To do this, you will need to cover the negative with either peel off transfer stickers or overlapping strips of Scotch magic tape. Press this down very firmly, then lift off from the backing sheet. Place the tape where you wish to apply the negative image, then rub over very firmly (e.g. with the back of a spoon) and the design will transfer. You will need to apply a lot of pressure to achieve this successfully!
Card made with peel off stickers by DT member Angie Bookmark made with peel off stickers Card made with peel off stickers Card made with peel off stickers


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