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Loyalty points

Loyalty points

I really appreciate the loyalty of my lovely customers, and Foil Play offers loyalty points for account holders as a reward for shopping on the site! You can sign up for an account at any time, completely free.

Account holders will receive 1 loyalty point for every pound spent*, each loyalty point is worth 5p. As an example, if you spent £20 on one order, you would earn 20 loyalty points. Each loyalty point is worth 5p, so 20 would entitle you to a saving of £1 off any future order with Foil Play.

Your loyalty points balance can be seen when you check out an order, or by logging into your account.

* As crazy clearance deal prices are so low, products in these categories won't earn you any loyalty points, you can of course use your existing points in part payment.

Loyalty points terms & conditions:

  • Each loyalty point earned is worth a maximum of £0.05p off any future order;   
  • Loyalty points can be saved in your account and used on a future order - they are valid for 24 months, so you don't need to worry about them expiring soon;    
  • If any of your orders are refunded, your loyalty points balance will be adjusted accordingly;   
  • Loyalty points cannot be transferred or resold, nor can they be redeemed for cash; 
  • You don't have to register for an account in order to buy from Foil Play, but you do need an account if you'd like to receive loyalty points, in order to track how many points you earn and spend;
  • Foil Play reserves the right to amend or cancel the scheme at any time.


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