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Colour Charts

Colour charts for custom die cut shapes

The colour charts below give a good indication of the card colours used to cut custom die cut shapes. It is difficult to give a truly accurate representation of colour on screen, particularly as monitor settings may vary. If you need  a large quantity of custom die cut shapes and the precise colour shade is crucial to your project, I strongly recommend that you place a small sample order to start with.

Colour chart A - 240gsm card - coloured both sides

Aqua 240gsm card Black 240gsm card Blue 240gsm card Buff 240gsm card Cerise pink 240gsm card Chocolate brown 220gsm card
Aqua Black Blue Buff Cerise Chocolate
Cobalt blue 240gsm card Cream 240gsm card Daffodil 240gsm card Dark green 240gsm card Dark Grey 240gsm card Emerald green 240gsm card
Cobalt blue Cream Daffodil Dark green Dark grey Emerald green
Forest green 240gsm card Gold 240gsm card Green 240gsm card Ivory 240gsm card Lilac 240gsm card Lime green 240gsm card
Forest green Gold Green Ivory Lilac Lime green
Maize 240gsm card Maine blue 240gsm card Mulberry 240gsm card Orange 240gsm card Pink 240gsm card Raspberry 240gsm card
Maize Marine blue Mulberry Orange Pink Raspberry
Red 240gsm card Silver grey 240gsm card Tangerine 240gsm card Terracotta 240gsm card Violet 240gsm card White 240gsm card
Red Silver grey Tangerine Terracotta Violet White


Colour chart B - High gloss finish card - white reverse

Gloss black card Gloss Blue card Claret Gloss card Gloss Cream card Lemon Gloss card Navy Gloss card
Black Blue Claret Cream Lemon Navy
Gloss Pink card Prussian Blue Gloss card Gloss Red card Gloss White card    
Pink Prussian Blue Red White    


Colour chart C - 160gsm card - coloured both sides

Bright blue 160gsm card Bright green 160gsm card Bright deep blue 160gsm card Bright forest green 160gsm card Bright orange 160gsm card Bright purple 160gsm card
Bright - Blue Bright - Green Bright - Deep Blue Bright - Forest Green Bright - Orange Bright - Purple
Bright yellow 160gsm card Bright red 160gsm card Pastel Blue 160gsm card Pastel green 160gsm card Pastel grey 160gsm card Ivory 160gsm card
Bright - Yellow Bright - Red Pastel - Blue Pastel - Green Pastel - Grey Pastel - Ivory
Pastel lemon 160gsm card Pastel lilac 160gsm card Pastel peach 160gsm card Pastel pink 160gsm card    
Pastel - Lemon Pastel Lilac Pastel Peach Pastel Pink    


Colour chart D - Stardust embedded glitter effect card - white reverse

Cerise Stardust card Charcoal black stardust card Gold Stardust card Green Stardust card Blue Stardust card Stardust Pink card
Cerise Charcoal Gold Green Blue Pink
Stardust Purple card Red Stardust card White Stardust card      
Purple Red White      

Colour chart E - printed 300gsm card - white reverse (plain colours are double sided)

Apricot Dreams Heritage Peach 300gsm card Apricot Dreams Lollipop Peach 300gsm card Apricot Dreams Peach Polka Dots 300gsm card Apricot Dreams Peach Peony 300gsm card Apricot Dreams Satin Stitch Daisy Peach 300gsm card Apricot Dreams Satin Stitch Grey 300gsm card
Heritage Peach Lollipop Peach Peach Polka Dots Peach Peony Peach Satin Stitch Daisy Grey Satin Stitch
Bouquet Swirls Green 300gsm card Cream Soda Applique Floral Pink 300gsm card Cream Soda Lollipop Pink 300gsm card Cream Soda Paisley Grey 300gsm card Cream Soda Pink Polka Dots 300gsm card Cream Soda Roses Pink 300gsm card
Bouquet Swirls - Green Floral Applique Pink Lollipop Pink Paisley Grey Pink Polka Dots Pink Roses
Cream Soda Satin Stitch Daisy Pink 300gsm card Cream Soda 300gsm card Apricot Dreams Peach 300gsm card Storm Grey 300gsm card Charcoal Grey 300gsm card  
Pink Satin Stitch Daisy Hot Pink Peach Storm Grey Charcoal Grey

Colour chart F - Mirri finish card - white reverse

Gold Mirri card Silver Mirri card Copper Mirri card Green Mirri card Blue Mirri card Pink Mirri card
Gold Silver Copper Green Blue Pink
Red Mirri card Black Mirri card Purple Mirri card      
Red Black Purple      


Colour chart G - Mocha Kandi Core 240 gsm double sided printed card with colour core

Mocha Calligraphy Kandi Core 220gsm card with terracotta core Mocha Calligraphy Kandi Core 220gsm card with yellow core Mocha Damask Kandi Core 220gsm card with blue core Mocha Gingham Kandi Core 220gsm card with blue core Mocha Music Kandi Core 220gsm card with pink core Mocha Newsprint Kandi Core 220gsm card with lilac core
Mocha Calligraphy, terracotta core Mocha Calligraphy, yellow core Mocha Damask, blue core Mocha Gingham, blue core Mocha Music, pink core Mocha Newsprint, lilac core
Mocha Polka Dot Kandi Core 220gsm card with violet core         Ivory 160gsm card
Mocha Polka Dot, violet core          

Other options

Other material available to die cut the shapes of your choice includes:

  • 300 gsm super smooth finish white card - perfect for stamping and colouring your shapes;
  • 280 gsm kraft card - great for stamping and decorating your shapes;
  • a huge range of specialist finish card, including mirri, reflective, glitter, and pearlescent; 
  • double sided self adhesive film - fabulous for glittering, foiling or flocking to add bling and / or texture to your projects;
  • sturdy acetate - which could be used as a mask or template. I will include the negative too with purchases of acetate shapes - but do bear in mind that the usefulness of this will be dependent on the specific shape;
  • self adhesive vinyl and paper;
  • paper backed silver coloured foil - a very lightweight but versatile material, which can be embossed and coloured with alcohol inks too

Not all materials will be suitable for all projects - some will be too substantial to work well with thinner or more detailed dies, others might not be wide enough to produce larger shapes.

Bespoke orders

If there is a shape listed in the custom die cuts section of the site that you'd like, but with a different material / colour option to the ones on offer, contact me with your requirements and I'll let you know whether I can add it as an option for you.

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