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Christmas glittered bauble card
Foiled Christmas gift bag
Customer Comments
Foiled Christmas gift bag

Foiled Christmas gift bag

Techniques used:

- Using Foils to create bespoke patterned paper
- Stamping on fabric
- Creating bespoke gift bags

To make this gift bag, you will need:

- 12" sheet of patterned paper/cardstock
- 1 metre satin ribbon
- Greeting stamp
- Ink Pad suitable for fabric
Tonertex Write & Rub glue pen or Sakura Quickie glue pen
- Double-sided sticky tape
- Rub on foils in a range of colours to match your patterned paper
- Embossing tool
- Metal Ruler

To start, using your Tonertex Glue or Quickie Glue Pen, pick out coloured sections on your patterned paper and apply glue over the top. Make sure that you pick out one colour at a time within a section, or when you apply your foil you will foil over the wrong colours. For example, I've chosen a patterned page with large, distinct images, and when I picked out the mittens, I first applied glue the mittens, allowed the glue to dry, foiled it and then repeated the process with the cuffs and string.  
Next take your strip of ribbon and stamp along it with your chosen message. Leave to one side to dry.  If you are not using a fabric ink, then the inked ribbon is fine for decorative purposes but it should not be washed or allowed to get wet, as the ink will run.

Now take your foiled sheet and score vertical score lines at 5cm, 14cm, 19cm, and 28cm (leaving a final section of 3.5cm). Then score horizontal scores lines 3.5cm from the bottom of the sheet and 8.5cm from the top of the sheet. Use a bone folder the crease the scored lines but do this on the reverse of the patterned sheet so as not to damage the foiling that you have applied.

Now apply double-sided sticky tape to the reverse side of the final 3.5cm vertical scored section. Fold over the paper to create a box shape as though you were wrapping a parcel.  Next fold down and secure the bottom of the bag with doubled sided sticky tape.



All that remains is to cut a slit in the top section of the bag, slightly wider than your ribbon and about 3.5-4cm from the top.  Then thread the ribbon through and tie into a bow for a unique gift bag at a fraction of the price for a shop bought bag!


 Project designed and produced by Andrea Dipple